My Past
Background :10 yrs experience in International sales/Product development for a large footwear manufacturing company in India, dealing with international clients like WalMart, Payless, Sears etc
In Canada since June 2008 as a PR, working at the Home Depot, as a Pro a/c sales associate
GMAT : 650
GPA : Dont know the no, but overall percentage 70%
School : Applied to Schulich(York), Ted Rogers(Ryerson) and De Groote(McMaster) and was accepted by the last two. My first choice was Schulich (its better then the two in every aspect), so I did not join any of the two, as I was holding on for an answer from Schulich. They did not accept me as I had a three year bachelors degree from India.

After having a discussion with Schulich Admissions Director(where I was told that I still have a chance, if I get a promotion), I applied to Hult(Boston) and was accepted.
Hult :
Pros 1 year, pretty goood international exposure, ranked #1 in international business by FT, USD 16000 scholarship, has some reputation(shows up on some rankings)
Cons wont be able to stay in Canada with my family, am not sure about job prospects in Canada after studying at mid-tier US school
Ryerson :
Pros 1 year, low tuition fees(15000 CAD), has a retail specialization which might work for me, get to stay with my family
Cons not really reputed, does not show up on any ranking
Pros a good global school with international exposure, is well reputed(at least in Canada), get to stay with my family in Canada
Cons : 20 months, am not sure whether I will be accepted

Future (Planned)
I am not aiming really high like consulting/finance, I am aiming to get into retail(buying/operations) /international trading/brand management

My questions:
1)Which one should I go for and why?
2)If you are not aiming high, do you really need to get into good MBA school (having said that, I will obviously want my education at the best place possible)
3)What are the job prospects like in Canada, if you study at a mid tier school in the US?

Thanks for going through my loooong post. Any insight will be really helpful in helping me make the most imp decision of my life.